Q - Can I get my home and valuables insured ?

A- Yes you can, our home owner policy insures your house as well as your valuables. For further details, please call us or visit our office.

Q - If I am travelling along with my family outside the Kingdom, is there a travel insurance policy that covers me and my family for the duration of my vacation ?

A- Yes, we offer travel insurance too along with other types of covers to cater to the needs of our clients.

Q - Is Personal Accident Insurance offered at Wala’a ?

A- Yes, we offer Personal Accident insurance, which is comprehensive enough to cater to your family needs in case of accidental injury and death, God forbid.

Q - If I am relocating and need to transport my valuables and home furniture from one city to another within the Kingdom, is there any insurance policy to cover these items during transit ?

A- Yes, our Marine Insurance (land transit policy) covers the transportation of goods by road against loss or damage during the transit.

Q - What types of insurance coverages are available at Wala’a Insurance ?

A- Wala’a provides coverages that would satisfy all your corporate and personal insurance needs. They include:

  • Property Insurance
  • Engineering Insurance
  • Motor Insurance
  • Medical Insurance
  • Miscellaneous Accidents

Q - Are the insurance policies offered by Wala’a Shariah compliant?

A- Wala’a is Shariah compliant with regards to our insurance products and investment structure.

For additional information, please contact our Head Office, Tel: 966-3-865 2200 or email us

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