Wala’a is An Exchange Traded Company On The Saudi Arabian Stock Exchange With 40% Of Its Shares in The Public Domain.

With respect to the remaining 60%, Wala’a is proud to enjoy the support of a diverse and influential group of private shareholders who have committed capital to the company:

  • Yousef A. Al Gosaibi & Partners Co. for Trading & Contracting
  • Mohammed Abdullah Abbas Sharbatly Co.
  • Mohammed Abdullah Al Othman & Sons Co.
  • Abdulmohsin Ahmed Hamad Al Gosaibi
  • Salah Mohammed Hamad Al Bassam
  • Khalid Hassan Al Gahtani & Partners Co.
  • Khalid & Abdulaziz Abdulrahman Al Omran Co.
  • Suhayl Bin Abdulmohsin Al Shoaibi & Sons Holding Co. Ltd.
  • Rashid Saad Abdulrahman Al Rashid
  • Rashed & Partners for Development Co.
  • Abdulrahman Saleh Al Rajhi & Partners Co.
  • Mohammed Hassan Al Jishi & Partners Co.
  • Abdul Latif Mohammed Al Barrak
  • Abdullah Al Hamoud Al Shuwayer for Trading & Contracting Co.
  • Ahmad Nasser Albinali & Sons for trading & Contracting Co.
  • Khalifa Abdullatif Abdullah Al Mulhim
  • Khaled Omar Jassir Al Baltan
  • Khalid Ali Alturki & Sons Co.
  • Mohammed Nasser Hazaa F. Sobaie
  • Walid Mohammed Jaafari
  • Al Yusr Townsend & Bottum Co. Ltd.
  • Abdulla Abul Latif Ahmed Al-Fozan
  • Khalid Ibrahim Abunayyan
  • International General Insurance Co. Ltd.
  • Abdulla Fouad Holding Co.
  • Abdulla Ibrahim Abdullah Albaijan
  • Ali Abdulrahman Saleh Al Khalaf
  • Mazen Mohammed Abdulrahman Al Saeed
  • Mohammed Khalid Ibrahim Al Noaimi
  • Saleh Hussain Saleh Al Kaaaki
  • Ahmed Saleh Ebrahim Al Homaid
  • Jarir For trading Investment Co.
  • Ibrahim Hassan Mohammed Al Sabban
  • Mr. Abdulaziz Bin Zarah