Walaa Academy


Walaa Academy was founded in 2021 with the ultimate goal to train and develop Walaa Cooperative Insurance employees to ensure its services satisfy its clients. Walaa Academy strives to provide high-standard training with optimum quality in various fields that are related to Insurance, management, and soft skills.

Walaa Academy is an approved and recognized center by Training Qualification UK, which is one of the top 10 awarding bodies in the UK regulated by The Office of Qualifications and Examinations (Ofqual). This gives Walaa Academy the confidence to deliver its programs through qualified trainers.

On the other hand, Walaa Academy pays full attention to the community by delivering external free courses to society as part of its social responsibility.



Equip a group of young, highly talented Saudi men and women who can drive the company in this new age of technology and rapidly changing business environment.


National Training Campaign “Waad Initiative”

Walaa Academy is participating in the National Training Campaign “Waad Initiative” which is to provide one million training opportunities for Saudi Nationals over three years, which is one of the 2030 visions of the Kingdom. Walaa Academy’s share is 120,000 training opportunities.

Therefore, Walaa Academy is putting all its efforts to achieve its target to develop Saudi nationals and be a strategic contributor to Kingdom’s 2030 vision.


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