Rahhal Travel Insurance

  • Rahhal insurance provides comprehensive coverage for all emergencies that may occur outside Saudi Arabia such as cancellation or postponement of flights, the loss of baggage or delay of their arrival and any emergency medical expenses, whether it is business or pleasure trips; according to the terms and conditions in the insurance policy.


With Rahhal you’ll get plenty of benefits for yourself and your family members as per the table of benefits below.


  • Family charges include the insured, his/her spouse, and all children below 18 years old.
  • Children below 18 years old shall have 50% discounts.
  • Personage between 66 and 75 years old shall have a 50% load.
    Personage between 76 and 80 years old shall have 100% load.
  • Personage 81 years old and more, can apply for Schengen only with 300% load.
  • Winter sport extinction will add 100% load to the premium.
    All loads and discounts based on basic premium price for adults.
  • If this policy does not meet your requirements, you may request cancellation of this policy within 5 days from the date of its issuance or before you commence your travel (whichever is sooner) and we would refund the contribution to you after deducting a cancellation fee of SAR 50, provided that no claim has been made by you under this policy.


  • Medical expenses not approved by Walaa assistance.
    Cover in the country of residence.
  • Cost of prosthetics, cosmetic plastic surgery, physiotherapy, pregnancy, and pre-existing conditions.
  • Dental treatment other than emergency dental treatment.
    Any consequence attributable directly or indirectly to infection by HIV and/or HIV related illness.
  • Willfully, self-inflicted injury or illness, sexually transmitted diseases, solvent abuse, alcoholism, the use of drugs and self-exposure to needless peril.
  • The practice of dangerous sport or on sport on a professional basis.
  • Work for any kind undertaken during the holiday (other than clerical duties).
  • Wear and tear, depreciation, mechanical or electrical breakdown or derangement.
  • Theft not reported to police within 24 hours of discovery.
  • The willful act of an inurned person.
  • Any consequence of war or related risk.



In case of emergency contact one of the below contacts.


All you have to do is prepare your proof of claim, which are all the related documents to your claim i.e. tickets, police report… Etc, and submitted to the nearest Walaa claim center along with your travel policy or at least the number of it.

Rahhal Insurance coverage

Medical emergency assistance

Personal accident

Personal assistance service

Loss and delays of baggage

Delays of flights

Civil liability

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